The Best Congress

In an age of unprecedented strife millions have continually suffered with decades of neglect by Congress. Their blatant disregard with the publics welfare has kept the American public caught in the vortex of suspended anticipation to find like on Christmas morning coal within their stocking. The voice of individuals has never really held it’s place in consideration. For years Congress and Presidents also have many possibilities to right this ship of state. So far their attempts just have made this ship of state on the verge of capsizing.

Now, as massive income inequality soars renders millions of Americas become aware towards the reality that Congress has yet to some thing on their behalf. This has take place by the efficiency of Congress to usher in policies in the past that actually adds to the profitability for your continued rise of greenbacks inequality. When ever Congress has acted happens to be fruitful not with the American public but has perpetuated a developing apathy toward other population. This apathy fueled with the level of corruption hat has become allowed to seep in the halls of government has unilaterally kept millions trapped with no resources to further improve their total well being.

As it stands today both political parties just have entrenched themselves as guardians with the power elite. After decades of neglect to your nations infrastructure and also the general public has left the United States literally deteriorating. Now, like the rest that Congress has tried to do has created a massive spending bill that tries to make things right for your American public. Unfortunately the partisan politics that’s plagued government for many years has reduced the efficiency of Congress to devise plans of direction that will elevate this nations chance to secure the nations health insurance vitality now and for that future.

It was Clint Eastwood that recently stated that “If Congress really gave a “Rats Ass” concerning the American public each of them would resign” A prime example is gross neglect to understand the dangers of Global Warming. Just considering that the Paris Accord co2 emissions have raised to their highest level. Even with the influx of electric cars now surging classic fuels are the prime source of power in recharging their batteries. Cruise ships, airplanes, the trucking industry, and trains for that most part all use classic fuels as their prime source of power.

Ever ever since the mid 1970’s the scientific community has warned by what rising co2 emissions are going to do to our planet. And, however the political will to deal with this crisis exactly like this recent Pandemic was met with inefficiency for the highest level. Whenever there has become an attempt to handle say global warming plus the recent Pandemic supply been silenced because of the vast sums of greenbacks that always finds it’s way to the coffers of countless elected officials and candidates.

It is each time that Congress efforts to pass legislation they always show up too little and too late to truly make a difference. What ought to have been happening a long time ago didn’t happen. And, precisely what is happening today with this particular latest legislation is merely another tantalizing effort to entice the American public into believing that Congress is acting for him or her.

The public continues to be beguiled through the vast amount of income that is involved installing politics but from the way our society is mesmerized through the allure of the items wealth is capable of doing. This occurs when countless are facing dire financial and economic hardships and also the hope that individuals will be rescued by responsible government. We can conclude that whenever the public’s will is at many instances ignored, deemed not essential or completely dismissed people just may are already swindled outside of so many possibilities to improve their standard of living.

Today, the United States just isn’t governed from the will of those but what money can obtain. All you have to do is look with the way the Pharmaceutical industry has and it is influencing the halls of Congress.. As a result of their influence a lot of members of Congress have gained financially while all of those other population have suffered the very best price increase for medicines ever. The sad the fact is that it happens to be the poor that always suffer essentially the most. But when we’ve the best Congress that money can obtain can we expect anything less?

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