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World In Protest

July 3, 2013 Bulgaria,Brazil,Turkey,South Africa, Bahrain,Ukraine,Thailand,Chile,Cambodia,Greece,Spain Czech Republic,Russia,Afghanistan,Yemen,Kosovo,Indonesia Pakistan,America,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka. For the past several weeks, people in countries around the world have been taking to the streets in huge numbers, airing their grievances, working toward change, seeking justice, and venting anger. Using techniques that vary from silent standing to violent destruction, demonstrators have been clashing… Read More »


GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP The EU has become a living dictatorship, very visible in 2013. During the 2012 Global Revolution it was revealed the entire world was under attach by Goldman Sachs, the creators of the fraudulent and man made agenda of worldwide Austerity during this takeover. Once again, as in the Great Depression, the international Rothschild… Read More »