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Thailand: Uprooting Wall Street’s Proxy Regime : Revolution 2013

Thailand: Uprooting Wall Street’s Proxy Regime November 26, 2013 (Tony Cartalucci) – Unprecedented protests have taken to the streets in Bangkok, now for weeks, where at times, hundreds of thousands of protesters have appeared. Estimates range from 100-400 thousand people at peak points, making them the largest protests in recent Thai history. Images: Scenes taken… Read More »

12 Years Later…

America was built in the foundation of liberty for all men, with good will towards global protectors of peace. Magnificent achievements have built towers as tall as any man before. The Industrial Revolution has built a concrete network into a vast technological revolutionary world. Entire nations have risen against the devious plans of world corpratocracy… Read More »

Syria’s war 2013

It rages nonstop. War on Afghanistan could continue for another decade or longer. Iraq and Libya are out-of control cauldrons of violence. Syria’s the current eye of the storm. The hijacked land of America intends escalating what’s ongoing to its Neocon goal of Iran’s turn to be destroyed, so that the “Greater Israel” nation-state will… Read More »

Iraq Civil War 2013 / PNAC / A CLEAN BREAK ACT (War of Terror) / Syria Civil War 2013

Iraq Civil War 2013 ::: Baghdad residents are stocking up on rice, vegetables and other food in case they are prevented from getting to the shops by fighting or curfews. “It is wrong to say we are getting close to a civil war,” said a senior Iraqi politician. “The civil war has already started.” April… Read More »