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CNN Reporter Put On ‘Watch List’ After Criticizing TSA…

There are over 1,000,000,000 (One Million) people deemed to be terrorists on this watch list.
20,000 new names are added every month. Do you honestly believe ONE MILLION people are terrorists out there? Does this not remind you of the Communist pointing fingers in the 1950’s in this country? Our country must regain it’s sanity and stop participating in terrorism if it wants to end terrorism.

In light of new reports alleging that the TSA is creating a watch list of individuals who criticized the agency as a form of collective punishment, it’s revealing to note that CNN journalist Drew Griffin was also put on a TSA watch list immediately after he filed reports critical of the organization back in 2008.

The CNN reporter voiced concern about TSA policies and the US Fourth Amendment and shortly after he was put on the list, but told it was a terrorist with his name. Coincidence.

He can not check in bags, check in electronically, or a kiosk.
He has to wait in line, wait for the attendant to make a call.

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