Thoughts are energy.


“In every Truth, there is always hidden a deeper truth and the process of cyclic revelation of these so called truths are the basis of the infinite universe, which can thus “never” be exhausted or revealed to its infinite nature.”

The Future of Humanity has two paths. One is bound to “Involution” -lost in ILLUSORY GREED, FALSE EGOIC PRIDE, LUST, and thus bound to a PROGRAM which repeats day and night cyclically, which hardens ones very SPIRIT, cutting one off from the LIGHT. When the MATERIAL WORLD and its GLAMOUR are in FOCUS, the TRUTH is out of focus and misaligned. EVERYTHING IS LIGHT. All Color is vibrational energy of frequencies, manifested by the 3 spiraling, cyclic, and circular motions, which creates LIGHT and our human VISUAL LIGHT SPECTRUM of 7 MAJOR RAYS visible in our Dense Physical Dimensional Plane. Color is merely a force in high or low vibrational frequencies, identical to the keys of symphonic harmony in music, as well as 7 days a week in TIME by our Solar and Lunar clock. Everything in the universe is mathematics, zeroes, and ones, patterns of geometry which is the Genesis of Creation, to the Spiritual Sciences known to the SEERS and SAGES globally as the LIGHT or SPIRIT. Not everything is always what it seems to be, in some cases it is very much a different attribute.

Through Global Movements to Restore the Republic, Peace, Justice, and Human Morality towards a great civilization mankind will seek Evolutionary Consciousness for All. The healers and the teachers of great wisdom and knowledge, more in tune with NATURE will always shine, as NATURE is always RIGHT. The RIGHTEOUS will create pathways solid in rightful living, as massive multinational efforts on multiple levels are seeks PEACE & EVOLUTION. The Old World system has failed. Democracy is dead, left to the hands of a few BILLIONAIRES and their corporate henchmen who work round the clock escalating conflict, lying through mass MEDIA, obstructing TRUTH & thus JUSTICE indefinitely. GLOBALIZATION has failed for majority who suffer without jobs, without careers, without futures, and stuck in a system of “PAIN AND SUFFERING” with no SYSTEM and no PROGRAM to get out.

Local Police murders have skyrocketed. War is waged indefinitely and forever a vacuum of stability, social well being, and freedom itself, as war is wicked and spying is wrong, and torture even worse. It’s a GLOBAL CORRUPT SYSTEM not just under one misspoken man, one misjudgement, or misdeed. Protests have sparked after GLOBAL REVOLUTION spread from the ARAB SPRING, to the LONDON RIOTS, to ISRAELI SUMMER, the largest protest in Israel’s history with over 300,000 people up in arms. What is the stem of  so much chaos and eruption of disgust? The 9/11 Wars have expanded onto its 14th year, igniting in 2001, the longest War in America’s history and with no end in sight. The amount of factual data about the PRE-KNOWLEDGE; the strange case of the FAA & NORAD commanders being absent with literally no one left to defend the skies; and the actual Neoconservative P.N.A.C. [Project: New American Century outright publicly explains that in 2001 the Neocons need a “NEW PEARL HARBOR [9/11]” to ignite their dreams of war. If anyone actually reads the public agenda, it declares a period of WAR and IMPERIAL EXPANSIONS. Just so happened to start thanks to a total coup on September 11th 2001, leading to the 2007 International Financier Frenzy which led to the GLOBAL FINANCIAL WARS & LOOTING of NATIONS.

Written up in 1996 along with the PATRIOT ACT (1 & 2), which resulted in illegal spying & data mining, TSA departments Chertoff mandatory body scanners, nationwide camera surveillance system, changes to the law and overrides to the CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, PNAC was started after a sketchy 2000 Presidential Election Voter Fraud Bonanza which happened to occur in George W. [Baby] Bush’s brother’s state of Florida, where he was Governor. The Dark Truths can not be hidden, as even mainstream reporting has unveiled how the Wall Street financier Prescott [Grandpa] Bush helped fund the rise of Nazi Germany, even after war declarations. This is the guy who financed and propped up President Nixon, who famously hated the FREE PRESS and was Disposed in shame.

The World will continue to move along with ups and downs as the SYSTEM is not ours to change. We can only become AWARE of our own BEHAVIORS and CHOICES with FOCUS on our SOLUTIONS and COMMUNITY’S which FEEL the same way. Only those in power have the authority to act swiftly, End Wars, and WILLFULLY DO GOOD required to save the system, but they refuse to surrender or return what they have stolen. You have more PEACE of mind than any BILLIONAIRE will, as their minds are stressed on so many material world matters, they can not find peace truly. Warped and misaligned many behave and walk crookedly adhering to “SOULLESS SYSTEMS” so much that many become byproducts of the painted eyed COMMERCIALIZED way of life- with hardened HEARTS, devoid of COMPASSION and POLARIZED on lower mind DESIRES. Many may not have CAPACITY to CONTEMPLATE and THINK, but that does not mean to treat them as garbage and useless crops as few at the top perceive the masses sadly.

You can only CHANGE what you do RIGHT and what you LEARN from out of experience, but also by WILL FORCE which comes from both MIND AND HEART. A NEW THOUGHT movement may bring MINDFULNESS to the Seekers. May you be blessed and aligned in the LIGHT always.

The Global Movement is a host of groups and international systems in an organic archive of knowledge about Health, Nutrition, Politics, War, History, Spirituality, Love, Science, Ancient Archeology, Universal Mysteries, and Global News that for whatever reason is BLACKED OUT in Mass Media. Entire massive gatherings spreading CONTINENTS in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS if NOT MILLIONS went unnoticed by most with no air time at all, but its not what you see, but what you do. The Universal Law is “THE WILL TO DO GOOD”. Each life consists of both MICRO and MACRO duties just as every form of life evolves consciously and grows in our limited time in our incarnated short lives. Spread Awakening and Educate All.

You are the Future.