Thoughts are energy.


The Oneness Movement

If we are indivudual as some would like us to be we become selfish and with greed over time.

We must come together to work together for equality in a common goodness which we can all share and prosper within. If we center our bodies and center our hearts and truly work together it can be achomplished. It can not be done alone. The dark ones work alone individually for themselves and their creeds. We must awaken from our slumbering sleep and re-ignight the passion which connects us all as one. All are filled with the energy. Beyond the atom, is the quark which in it holds the 3 balls of electric energy which makes up and is in everything we know to exist. It is the “god energy”, the god partical. We today hae a machine which spans underground multiple countries which is named the Large Hadron Collidor. It is searching for this energy at its core to repolicate pure energy. We have been shown by Nikola Tesla, famous inventor who was thinking about the internet concept back in 1888- who discovered electricity with Edison in NJ. Edison’s thugs banished him out west as they burned down his studios.

The energy is within us all. Everything which enters into our lives first enters into our thoughts. Every though is now known to hold a frequency, a resonation, an energy. We can now measure this. The age old saying- it occurs within- is true. Science is simply agreeing and prooving with ancient knowledge and percepions of god and the universe every single year. We are truly in the age of iron. The ancients said the earth would go through its changes as the age ended. The earth’s tornados, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis are growing faster as each year gets closer to the worldwide known date of 2012. It is not the end of the world, but simpy the age. The Egyptians said this, the Mayan said this, The Greek’s said it would usher in the age of enlightenment. They said we would rise in the technological world to face the new challenges of mankind. The ancient American Indians decreed the world would be connected under a giant spider web- or World Wide Web. They said with John in the ancient bible from sumer that metal beasts with breastplates would come like locusts buzzing in the sky with posionous stings from their tails. Eerily similar to our metal helicopters striking missels into innocent lands of children and society being attacked.

We must end war if we wish to make peace. One can not fight terror with terror. We must stop the killing of innocence. We must uphold our liberties and the laws of justice which are being trumped on globally, we must protect liberty’s torch from a new branch of governmemnt, Home Land Security which unbalances the way America was set to exist as a republic democracy, so the original 3 would keep each ohter in check. This has been broken. The Patriot act further erroded freedoms and expanded globalist wars and financial goals at a speeding rate. We must come to odds with ourselves and stop waiting for something to happen. We are the ones which must wake from our own self taught existance. We must awaken.

There is a boy in Nepal who is said to have been sitting in fires mediating, fasting for months, and growing in spiritual power- they call him the new buddha boy. He has a message for the world in 2012. He is currently meditating for the world to give it energy because it is in need of it so very much. We have now uncovered that the ancients were correct with frequencies as well. We are made of energy which light bounces off of to form shape. We are resonating at specific frequencies. These change when we are in fear to low frequencies, and high frequencies in love or in cheer. The ancients used earths frequency within the great pyramid in the kings chamber to resonate throughout the entire triangle for hours upon touch of the stone. It is of great importance.

We must become what we were mean to become and not just consume, consume, consume. We must change this world together as fast as we truly can. Our time is limited. Our days are outnumbered. I believe in true love. I believe in true peace. I believe together we can come together to enter into higher frequency. We would evolve. Imagine the possibilities.

Thank you



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